Best AI Video Generators in 2023

Are you looking for the best AI video generators in 2023? We have compiled a list of the top options we tested out. We have included both free and premium options, making it easy to find the best option.

One of the most compelling ways to attract visitors to your website is through video content. In point of fact, video content is utilized on websites by more than 91% of marketers, as stated by Wyzowl. If you’re a video creator, you know how important video assets are and how much time they can take to make.

Fortunately, the development of artificial intelligence has made it possible to use useful tools to speed up the process of making videos and save time. We’ll show you our picks for the best AI video generators in this post so you can make videos faster. Let’s begin.

What Exactly is an AI Video Generator?

A web-based or standalone AI video generator is software that makes it simple to create video assets, typically without requiring previous experience with video editing. Utilizing text-to-video technology to create scripts from a URL or blog post are just a few of the many tasks these tools can assist with.

Others include creating green screens, erasing video elements, and more. You can create videos in a fraction of the time if you add an AI video tool to your skillset. This makes you more productive and gives creators who want to reach more people online more opportunities.

Our list of the best AI video generators in 2023 was compiled through extensive hands-on research. In order to be of assistance to you in your endeavors to produce high-quality video content, we put each and every one of the tools through extensive testing, testing their usability and functionality.

Best AI Video Generators in 2023

So without further ado, let’s get started on our list of the best AI video generators that you can use right now.


PictoryPictory, the first AI video generator on our list, lets you make a video in a few minutes. You can produce recordings from a content or article, alter existing recordings with text, or utilize an assortment of picture resources for make a video.

Over three million royalty-free images, gifs, stickers, and emojis are included in Pictory, making it simple to incorporate them into your video projects. It can generate complete videos or simplify editing with just a few prompts.

Key Highlights of Pictory:

Blog to video AI or human voiceovers More than three million image assets More stickers, GIFs, and emojis Pre-made video templates Text to video (professional) When we were testing Pictory, we selected the URL-to-video setting to see how well it works.

After entering a URL from one of our blog posts, uploading it, and a few minutes later, we had a two-minute video. It worked effectively of deciphering the fundamental pieces of our post by perceiving titles and central matters.

Additionally, it provided us with nearly four dozen content-based templates. Additionally, it applied an AI voice for us and automatically identified relevant images. However, in order to produce a finished product, the video it produced for us required significant editing.

The good news is that you can change the video by adding your image assets, branding, and voiceover—all of which will automatically sync with our content—and that they let you do so.

Ideal for: Try Pictory if you want to quickly create custom video assets for your website, blog, or social media. Despite the fact that you can’t take what it gives you and go for it, a lot of instruments are installed to take your video to a more elevated level.

Pricing: Premium monthly plans start at $23 for free.


SynthesiaSynthesia is the next AI video maker on our list. Synthesia was developed in 2017 by AI researchers from a number of prestigious universities. It features more than 120 distinct AI models and some of the best custom AI avatars and voices.

Additionally, they offer native support for over 120 languages, so if you have a global website, Synthesia can communicate with your visitors in the language of your choosing. However, they do not yet provide automatic translation, so you will need to use Google Translate or another AI tool to do so.

Key Highlights of Synthesia:

Synthesia allows you to start with a template, add an AI avatar, select a voice, add custom assets, branding, and more. It also offers 120+ AI voices, text-to-speech voiceovers, an AI script assistant, and an integrated screen recorder. One of the most realistic AI videos we’ve ever seen is the result.

Synthesia produces excellent results and makes the entire procedure simple to understand. You can even record your voice to make a personalized avatar in a matter of minutes. However, Synthesia has a drawback. While it is a fabulous device for making how-to recordings, promoting materials, and preparing recordings, Synthesia offers little else. In the event that you believe a device should make virtual entertainment recordings for you, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

Synthesia is Best For: Synthesia is a great option if you are in charge of training for your company, want to quickly create an onboarding video for new hires, or need a short marketing video to use in your presentations. With a personal plan that costs $30 per month and lets you make 10 minutes of video, it’s also reasonably priced.

Pricing: beginning at $30 each month.


WAVE VIDEOWave Video is positioned third on our rundown of top simulated intelligence video generators, a stage that can measure up to Canva however for video. With many instruments accessible for video altering, including picture and video resources, text overlay impacts, sound, subtitles, and considerably more, no big surprise Wave Video has turned into a well known decision among content makers.

It offers web-based and vertical video formats for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, among other formats, to meet your requirements. What separates Wave Video is its tremendous resource library, which brags millions choices for live streaming, virtual entertainment, occasions, and that’s just the beginning – making it one of the most complete assets that anyone could hope to find for content makers.

Wave Video’s Key Features:

Text-to-speech AI Millions of stock assets Video hosting Video voiceovers Text-to-speech Wave Video’s direct video hosting capability is a standout feature. This is a huge benefit, as facilitating a video on your site can frequently prompt drowsy page speeds, particularly with regards to the basic measurements of time to first byte (TTFL) and biggest contentful paint (LCP).

You can guarantee that visitors to your website will be able to view your videos quickly and smoothly by hosting them on a third-party platform like Wave Video. As a result, users may remain engaged and satisfied with their experience, resulting in a lower bounce rate.

Wave Video is best suited for: Wave Video is something you should give a try if you’re a marketer, blogger, or design professional.

You don’t have to host videos on your website because they provide editing tools, a large library of templates with more than 200 million assets, and video hosting. In addition, they have an amazing free arrangement with 10GB of stockpiling, five implanted recordings, and 10GB of traffic. Their paid plans are affordable if you need more.

Pricing: free, with plans starting at $16 per month.


Designs.aiDesigns AI, our next AI video generator, is a creative powerhouse that can be used to make videos, logos, text content, and other things. The rest of their offerings merit a high ranking on our list, despite the fact that their video maker is somewhat generic. A pre-designed template, your media, or their helpful AI text-to-video feature are used to create videos.

Important Features of Designs AI:

  • Computer based intelligence voiceovers
  • Text to video
  • Textual style matching
  • Make frameworks or whole blog entries with man-made intelligence

Plans computer based intelligence offers a few important elements to help content makers, including the text-to-video highlight. You can quickly create a video with text prompts of up to twenty sentences using this feature. You can also choose from a variety of voice and theme options to create a full video in minutes.

Designs AI is great at matching your outline’s visual assets, but AI voices could use some work. While the free rendition offers seven moderately reasonable voices, they will more often than not cut off sentence endings excessively fast, making it clear to the audience that man-made intelligence probably produced the video.

Best Uses for Designs AI: Designs AI might be just what you need if you want a one-stop solution that provides more than just video assets to complement your website, blog, or social media platforms. Advanced AI tools in this all-in-one platform will assist you in creating a variety of digital content formats, including images, videos, text, and more; You can make any kind of media you want.

Pricing: beginning with $29 per month.


RUNWAYRunway, a cutting-edge AI video generator with one of our list’s newest technologies, is ranked number five. Made by the startup behind stable dissemination, this integral asset stands apart for its capacity to change and hoist the visual style of your current recordings.

You can easily enhance your footage with slow-motion effects, blurred faces, the removal of awkward silences, color adjustments, and more thanks to the numerous video effects available to you. However, Runway excels in their newest feature, Gen 1 video-to-video.

Highlights of Runway:

  • AI background remover
  • AI static image upscaling.
  • Text to image generator (AI)

The stable diffusion-powered video-to-video tool lets you upload a video and use preset textures and styles to apply AI-based effects for a unique look. We tried the gradient preset, for instance, and the result was a fun Tron-like appearance.

Moreover, their message brief component allows you to include engaging prompts for shockingly brilliant outcomes. Even though Runway is still in beta, it did well in our tests, even though there are some bugs that need to be fixed.

Runway is ideal for: Assuming you’ve involved MidJourney for making computer based intelligence craftsmanship, you’ll cherish Runway. We strongly encourage you to give it a try because it enables you to incorporate that level of AI into your video projects.

Stable diffusion’s video-to-video tool lets you upload a video and use preset textures and styles to apply AI-based effects for a unique look. We tried the gradient preset, for instance, and the result was a fun Tron-like appearance.

Moreover, their message brief component allows you to include engaging prompts for shockingly brilliant outcomes. Even though Runway is still in beta, it did well in our tests, even though there are some bugs that need to be fixed.

Pricing: Free, while monthly subscription plans cost $12.


RAW SHORTSOur next man-made intelligence video generator, Crude Shorts, offers a few artificial intelligence video instruments to make your recordings. You can start by using the storyboard wizard or the AI chat to video. Both of these tools take you through a series of steps to create the video you want based on three categories: education, business, or internal communications

Raw Shorts’ Key Characteristics:

  • 100’s of expert video formats
  • Man-made intelligence Visit (for video thoughts)
  • Man-made intelligence script generator
  • Storyboard mode

The best component of Crude Shorts is the simulated intelligence script generator. You can talk with their man-made intelligence partner to get script thoughts to assist you with making extraordinary explainer recordings.

There needs to be some editing, but there are plenty of tools for it. To make your video stand out, you can add text, audio, voiceovers, and a number of cool hover and transition effects.

Best for: Raw Shorts On the off chance that you really want a fast video to present another item, declare a deal, or make a whiteboard, Crude Shorts is an incredible choice. They make niche videos with animations that can be used for specific things very well. Wave Video is a better alternative if you’re looking for a more advanced video creation tool with AI voices, AI avatars, and a lot of assets.

Pricing: Free, with plans starting at $20 per month.


LUMEN5Lumen5 is the AI video generator on our list that comes next. It utilizes AI man-made intelligence to change over blog entries, whitepapers, and other composed content into recordings with scenes, advances, and sound.

You can begin by pasting a URL or text. Matching your content to relevant images chosen by AI, timing the voice to your text based on average reading speed, and applying it to create a video that can be used on multiple platforms are all part of the process.

Highlights of Lumen5:

URL or text to video automatically synchronizes your voice and text Multiple distribution formats Create brand kits (pro) Lumen5 provides straightforward design tools and straightforward reformatting for a variety of platforms. The brand unit device allows you rapidly to make a uniform search for every one of your recordings. It gives altering apparatuses, including content editing, a huge number of resources, and adjustable music.

The lack of additional template options is one disadvantage of Lumen5. They only provide a little more than thirty pre-made designs as of the writing of this article. This might be a deal breaker for you, depending on your requirements.

Lumen5 is Best for: Although Lumen5 has fewer tools than the other providers on our list, it does provide a simple AI-powered video generation method. Lumen5 might be a good fit for you if you have a background in creative work. However, if you lack creativity, we recommend selecting a platform with more templates to simplify things.

Pricing: Free; pro plans start at $19 per month (billed annually) for the most part.


FLEXCLIPFlexClip comes in last on our list. It deserves to be on our list because it has a lot of features like hundreds of video templates, a text-to-speech engine, and the ability to make automatic subtitles thanks to AI. FlexClip excels at making video creation simple. All of the tools can be identified, and the interface is simple and quick. It is usable by anyone, regardless of skill level.

Feature Highlights of FlexClip:

  • Text-to-discourse man-made intelligence with 140+ upheld dialects
  • Auto captions with man-made intelligence
  • Man-made intelligence foundation remover
  • Large number of pre-planned layouts, including online entertainment.

FlexClip lets you edit your videos with a few unique features. You can easily create subtitles with the automatic subtitle feature. Their AI algorithm accurately applies subtitles to each frame of your video with just one text prompt.

Additionally, FlexClip comes with an AI background remover that does an excellent job of removing the focus from your photos. Adding a variety of effects to educational or product promotion is a great idea. The free Flexcip account’s restrictions are a drawback. We ought not be grumbling about free stuff, yet it is restricting.

One stock video can only be used in up to 12 projects. There will be only one background removal; Videos can only be 60 seconds long. However, there are some redeeming features, including the ability to edit text, images, and video effects. The free tier should be adequate if you will likely only produce a few videos for internal use.

Best for: For small businesses that require videos for internal communications, product promotions, or marketing, FlexClip is a viable option. It is an excellent value for the money, has a lot of pre-made templates, and is easy to learn.

Pricing: Free, with paid plans beginning at $5.99 month to month (charged every year).

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which AI video generator is the best overall?

With simple, easy-to-use tools for the masses, AI video generators are revolutionizing content creation. Making videos doesn’t have to take days or weeks anymore. The devices on our rundown offer a brilliant elements that will take video creation to a higher level. Even though each and every one of the video generators on our list is notable, a few stand out above the rest.

Check out Pictory and Synthesia if you’re looking for an AI video generator that can help you make great videos without having any design experience. Pictory’s powerful AI algorithms and extensive library of assets make it ideal for quickly creating videos and scripts.

Then again, Synthesia is an astounding decision for making brief recordings with stunning artificial intelligence symbols and voices. You can quickly create videos that look professional on either platform thanks to their user-friendly interfaces.

2) How might I utilize man-made intelligence video generators?

The text-to-video method can be used with AI video generators. Text is entered into the video generator tool in this method, and AI algorithms are used to turn the text into a video. The tool analyzes the text, generates visuals based on the content, and automates the process of making a video, making it easy to use AI technology to make videos.

3) How can I make YouTube videos that are generated by AI?

To make man-made intelligence produced YouTube recordings, you can utilize apparatuses like Synthesia. Create a video script for your content first. Select an AI avatar that will act as the video’s narrator or presenter.

Then, at that point, glue your content into the instrument and pick a voice for the portrayal. You can then edit the video by changing the visuals, adding graphics or images, and adjusting the timing. When you generate the video at the end, you will have an AI-generated YouTube video that is prepared to be uploaded and shared with your audience.

4) Which AI text-to-video generator is the best?

One of the most effective AI text-to-video generators is Pictory. It lets you make videos from articles or scripts, edit videos with text overlays, and use more than three million royalty-free images, gifs, stickers, and emojis. Video projects can easily incorporate visual elements thanks to this extensive library. Pictory is a powerful and user-friendly AI text-to-video generator because it can streamline the editing process or produce complete videos with minimal input.

5) Which AI animation generator is the best?

One of the most effective AI animation generators is Raw Shorts. It excels at creating niche videos with specific purposes thanks to its extensive collection of professional video templates. The platform’s AI script generator and AI Chat feature both offer quick script generation assistance.


The rapid advancements in AI technology are constantly expanding the possibilities of video generation. The AI video generators not only make video creation more accessible but also open up new avenues for creativity and innovation.

Therefore, staying abreast of the latest trends in this rapidly evolving field can enable users to make the most of these advanced tools for their unique purposes.

We hope this post helped you find the best AI video generators.

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