Best AI Tools to Boost Productivity in 2023

Searching for the best AI tools to boost productivity in 2023? In this article, we embark on a journey through the cutting-edge realm of AI technology, uncovering the best-in-class tools that can significantly boost productivity.

Whether you’re a professional seeking ways to streamline your work processes or an entrepreneur looking to revolutionize your business operations, the AI tools we explore here hold the potential to elevate your productivity to unprecedented heights.

Best AI Tools to Boost Productivity

1) Jasper

Jasper ChatJasper uses a straightforward GPT 3 Programming interface to make content however blends its own LLM and prepared showcasing and deals information. It is widely used and has ample funding to continue innovating for many years to come. Also, with its May 2023 send off of limitless words for each arrangement, it is presently perhaps of the best-esteemed apparatus on the rundown.

Key Features

  • One of the most outstanding showcasing and deals content age stages available.
  • Surfer Web optimization joining for Website design enhancement informed man-made intelligence content age.
  • You can save important information about your products and services using brand memory, which Jasper can use to create accurate content.
  • Jasper Talk – A strong chatbot option in contrast to ChatGPT.
  • Picture and outline creation with Jasper Craftsmanship.
  • Advanced brand voice styling and an unlimited number of generated words.

Best For: Jasper is ideal for authors, advertisers, and organizations trying to further develop composing quality and smooth out happy creation work processes for improved efficiency.

Pricing: Monthly premium plans start at $39.

2) WriteSonic

writesonicWriteSonic is a universally handy simulated intelligence content creation instrument that offers a set-up of items, including simulated intelligence composing help, simulated intelligence produced craftsmanship, and ChatGPT-styled visit collaborator. On this list, it is most similar to Jasper and has distinguishing characteristics. WriteSonic is a go-to device for content makers who need to involve simulated intelligence in more ways than one.

Key Features

  • one of the best tools for writing by AI.
  • Simulated intelligence produced craftsmanship creation utilizing Photosonic.
  • ChatSonic is an AI chatbot powered by GPT-4 that has access to real-time internet data.
  • user-friendly UI for content creation.

Best For: WriteSonic is the go-to device for computer based intelligence devotees requiring a flexible answer for produce a wide assortment of man-made intelligence yields, opening ways to interminable imaginative potential outcomes. Y Combinator backs it, and it’s ready to keep coming up with new ideas.

Pricing: Free arrangement with paid plans beginning at $19/mo.

3) Descript

DescriptDescript is an artificial intelligence fueled text-based video proofreader that improves on the method involved with altering recordings by permitting clients to alter text rather than physically cutting and joining video cuts. Transfer a video, and Descript interprets it for you right away.

Based on that transcribed text, editors can alter the wording and eliminate unnecessary words. Doing so alters your unique video or sound. In the event that that is not wizardry, then it’s the following best thing.

Key Features

  • Text-based video altering inside a doc (however it alters your video).
  • Programmed record of video and sound substance.
  • Editing audio for podcasters, including support for multiple tracks.
  • Voice cloning and AI voices


Best For: Descript benefits content makers, video editors, and organizations that require great recordings and digital broadcasts with simple to-utilize altering highlights and record administrations.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $15 per month, with a free plan.

4) Surfer SEO

Surfer SEOAn AI-driven search engine optimization tool called Surfer SEO aids users in analyzing and optimizing their content for higher search rankings and more organic traffic. Utilize it to begin researching search engine results pages (SERPs) and creating content briefs with comprehensive outlines.

Surfer uses natural language processing (NPL) to compare your content to the top articles in the SERPs and offers advice on how to outperform them.

Key Features

  • In the Surfer editor, enhance blog posts through real-time content optimization and analysis.
  • Watchword research in light of genuine SERP information and catchphrase volume.
  • Develop Stream that examines your site constantly, looking for content rot and fast wins.

Best For: Digital marketers, content creators, and website owners who want to optimize their content, improve search engine rankings, and outperform rivals in search results will benefit greatly from Surfer SEO.

Pricing: Monthly premium plans cost $59 each.

5) ChatGPT

ChatGPTChatGPT is the progressive simulated intelligence Talk colleague that powers numerous different instruments on this rundown. It is intended to assist clients with text-based assignments in a simple to-utilize talk exchange application. If you ask it to perform a text-based task, it will use its highly trained LLM. It even edits blogs and writes code.

Key Features

  • Conversational AI that can perform complex tasks and talk about any subject.
  • Pick between various models in light of your requirements (numerous GPT 3.5 renditions and GPT 4).
  • GPT 4 Programming interface that can associate with huge number of administrations to bring the force of the Enormous Language Model to your work processes and undertakings.

Best For: ChatGPT is suitable for both individuals and businesses because it excels at increasing productivity, streamlining communication, and providing instant support for a variety of tasks. For more options, look into alternatives to ChatGPT.

Pricing: Allowed to use with In addition to beginning at $20/mo.

6) Midjourney

MidjourneyMidjourney is an AI text-to-image generator that lets users create one-of-a-kind, eye-catching images for social media, websites, and marketing materials. By creating an account on their discord server, users can begin using Midjourney.

Key Features

  • An AI image generation text prompt
  • Unending potential with prompts and four pictures for every brief result
  • High-goal yield.

Best For: Midjourney is the best option for people who want to create stunning AI-generated images that people will remember for a long time. Check out how we made a Divi landing page with ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Pricing: Plans begin at $10 per month.

7) Pictory

PictoryPictory simulated intelligence is a computer based intelligence fueled video generator that makes outwardly staggering marked recordings from long-structure, composed content. Give it a URL with your distributed substance, and it can pull it in into its simulated intelligence models. From that point, it can pick the best satisfied, make voiceovers and relegate rich media to make a video worth distributing.

Key Features

  • Make Shorts from longer recordings.
  • Makes recordings utilizing stock film, ambient sound, and man-made intelligence produced voiceovers.
  • Editor with an impressive blog-to-video workflow.
  • Programmed subtitle generator.

Best For: Pictory artificial intelligence is ideal for originators, content makers, and organizations searching for a computerized answer for convert long-structure text and recordings into drawing in video content, improving visual narrating.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $23/mo.

8) Scalenut

ScalenutScalenut is an AI writer that focuses on the entire content creation workflow. It generates content, plans content, makes outlines, and helps you optimize it in a full flow that is simple to use.

Scalenut is ideal for speedy substance creation and is the device to utilize in the event that you’re an independent essayist or deal with a group of journalists. Genuinely a 10x computer based intelligence essayist for Website optimization content.

Key Features

  • Content produced by AI that is informed by current internet data.
  • Advanced NLP models for optimizing and comparing SERPs.
  • Cruise Mode automates content creation to an incredible degree.

Ideal for: Scalenut takes care of content makers and Website design enhancement experts who need to produce exceptional, connecting with, and upgraded composed content at scale, further developing substance showcasing endeavors.

Pricing: Plans with a monthly fee start at $39

9) Alli AI

Alli AIAlli artificial intelligence is a man-made intelligence fueled Web optimization instrument that streamlines sites, further develop search rankings, and increment natural traffic by giving noteworthy bits of knowledge and proposals.

With a straightforward implant script (or WordPress module), Alli can begin tweaking your whole site from its not difficult to-utilize dashboard. It gives ideas and quickly (and powerfully) applies changes across your site.

Key Features

  • Webpage speed streamlining that works up and over your site (regardless of your CMS or developer).
  • Mass on-page improvement through happy proposals.
  • Simple to convey A/B testing intended for Website design enhancement.

Best For: Because of its AI-powered SEO optimization, Alli AI is an excellent option for agencies that manage multiple websites and want to increase organic traffic and improve search rankings.

Pricing: $249 / mo.

10) Grammarly

GrammarlyGrammarly is a writing and grammar assistant powered by AI that identifies and corrects spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style errors to help users improve their writing. Content is the foundation of advertising, business correspondence, and in the middle between. Grammarly makes it mistake free and prepared for the eyes of your most significant crowds.

Key Features

  • Continuous language and spelling checker.
  • Style and tone ideas.
  • Detecting plagiarism.
  • Use GrammarlyGO to create content that reflects your style.


Best For: Grammarly suits understudies, experts, and journalists who need to upgrade their composing abilities and produce blunder free happy. We recommend trying the free version if you don’t use it. All users can benefit from the useful features included in the free version.

Pricing: Free arrangement that everybody ought to get and paid plans beginning at $12/mo.

11) Synthesia

SynthesiaSynthesia is a video avatar generator powered by AI that lets users quickly create videos of professional quality. It produces virtual symbols in light of a text script (doing both Text to Discourse and Text to Video age). This indicates that Synthesia creates audio voices and a matching video with an avatar speaking from a single text prompt. That is twofold the power moved up into one artificial intelligence apparatus.

Key Features

  • Computer based intelligence produced virtual symbols.
  • Simple text-to-video UI.
  • Make exceptionally proficient recordings without depending on entertainers and storytellers.

Ideal for: Synthesia takes care of bigger organizations and showcasing groups looking for proficient grade symbol recordings for introductions, help documentation, and the sky is the limit from there, upgrading correspondence and commitment.

Pricing: Custom enterprise pricing starts at $30 per month for individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Are The Best AI Tools for Efficiency?

In the event that you do a ton of content composition, you can’t turn out badly with one or the other Jasper or WriteSonic. The two stages additionally incorporate the capacity to make simulated intelligence craftsmanship and pictures. With highlights stuffed into both, you can’t turn out badly.

We strongly encourage you to investigate Surfer SEO, Scalenut, and Alli AI if you are performing SEO for a single website or multiple client websites. In conclusion, for the video makers, consider Descript and Synthesia to alter recordings through word processor and make man-made intelligence symbol recordings, separately.

2) What Are The Best Free AI Tools?

WriteSonic is a flexible man-made intelligence content creation device, offering different items like man-made intelligence composing help, man-made intelligence produced workmanship, and a ChatGPT-styled visit collaborator. For content creators looking for multiple AI-powered solutions, it is a comprehensive tool.

Then again, Descript is a man-made intelligence driven video proofreader that works on altering by permitting clients to alter recordings in light of deciphered text. By transferring a video, Descript rapidly produces a record that can be altered to change the video’s substance, making video altering more proficient and easy to understand. There are free versions of both, but upgrading is required to gain access to more features and higher usage limits.

3) Is It Worth Using AI Writing Tools?

Man-made intelligence composing apparatuses are perfect for organizations participated in satisfied advertising. On the off chance that you routinely make different types of duplicate, for example, blog entries, points of arrival, item depictions, promotions, web-based entertainment posts, video portrayals, or messages, simulated intelligence composing programming can help you in creating top notch content proficiently, saving time and exertion.


In conclusion, the best AI tools to boost productivity offer us an exciting glimpse into the limitless potential of technology to augment our capabilities and enhance our lives. By harnessing the power of AI, we can break through barriers, unleash our creativity, and propel ourselves towards unprecedented levels of productivity in this dynamic and ever-changing world.

So, let us embrace the AI revolution with curiosity and an open mind, utilizing these remarkable tools to lead us towards a future where productivity knows no bounds. Together with AI, we have the power to transform the way we work, create, and achieve, setting new standards for efficiency and productivity in the age of intelligent machines.


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