10 Practical Ways to Utilize ChatGPT for SEO

Do you want to learn some of the practical ways to utilize ChatGPT for SEO? In today’s post, we will share 10 practical examples to get you started.

Everyone is discovering the almost limitless opportunities that AI opens up for digital marketing in general, and there are some intriguing possible applications in the area of SEO. I’ve listed 10 of the best ChatGPT employs to develop more potent SEO techniques in this blog.

Using ChatGPT for SEO

There are various parts to SEO, including on-page optimization, technical updates, creating compelling content for readers, and more.

You can get some very amazing results to use in your SEO strategy, depending on the data you provide ChatGPT. I ran a variety of SEO experiments on ChatGPT to see what outcomes it may produce for me.

Keep in mind that not all responses will help you achieve your SEO objectives, and information is not always reliable – ChatGPT only keeps online data until 2021, and even then, it sometimes makes mistakes. Thus, be cautious about what you extract from ChatGPT and carefully verify information.

1) Request Associated Keywords With Your Desired Keywords


Regardless of whether you’ve ever considered offering vegan, halal, or kosher pizza to your neighborhood, there might be some potential search volume to target in those niches.

ChatGPT can’t perform all the work for you; you still need to select the terms that make sense for your overall strategy and target audience. What it can do is generate some ideas for you to change up your SEO approach.

These ChatGPT questions can be a terrific source of inspiration for you as you create more original and helpful content. Let’s explore that a little more.

2) Create Content About Certain Subjects


Content can be produced using ChatGPT. This will rank the keywords and the content. I can enter those keywords into ChatGPT, provide it with a topic to work with, and let it write me some stuff to use.

Take note of the prompt’s purpose. ChatGPT considers my request to sound like a small business owner in order to produce a more individualized response.

But, while using ChatGPT for writing suggestions, digital marketers need to exercise extra caution. Not only can information be wrong, but you also want to prevent any possibility of plagiarism from other reliable web sources.

Use ChatGPT to launch your content so that you can update it later with your own distinctive voice. AI copywriting will continue to advance over time, as will the standard of the content. To stay ahead of the competition, it is best that you become comfortable with it yourself.

3) Make A Keyword List Based On Your Search Intentions

Keyword List Based On Your Search Intentions

ChatGPT should have no trouble serving up more specialized terms if it can write full texts using a requested filter (small company owner). ChatGPT can help you start building your keyword list by focusing on search intent.

Why do buyers choose your product or service over others’?

Instead of emphasizing what you have to offer, concentrate on addressing the customer’s needs in your writing.

However, keep in mind that just because ChatGPT gave you the idea doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good one. Make sure to conduct your own research to determine which keywords to target.

4) Create meta descriptions and titles

Create meta descriptions and titles

Also, you can come up with various suggestions for the meta titles and meta descriptions of your web page and combine the parts that you prefer from each.

Of course, leave some human qualities in your copy. Always remember to make your own edits because you still need the language to accurately reflect the voice and tone of your company. Moreover, be sure to add any particular phrases you know you want to target personally.

5) Make FAQs

Make FAQs

Consider asking ChatGPT instead of searching for the most often asked questions about a product or service you are selling.

6) Provide a list of possible subject areas for your content strategy

Provide a list of possible subject areas for your content strategy

Because ChatGPT can save you so much time on topic generation, marketers are discovering exactly how successful content writing strategies can be.

Let’s employ a novel illustration. ChatGPT may think of endless potential topics and ways for you to produce and share instructional content if you’re a new online banking service trying to educate users about the special features of your platform.

Of course, it seems like social media marketing and blogging are the mainstays of many content marketing strategy these days. But, you can come up with some fantastic new ideas for information display by thinking about more specialized propositions like comparison tables and how-to tutorials. As always, you wish to improve upon this output.

What would they like to see from you?

Business bankers, for instance, will require a totally different set of content themes and styles than retail bankers.

7) Help With Spelling and Grammar

Help With Spelling and Grammar

One of my favorites is this.

ChatGPT can check for potential spelling and grammatical errors showed. All you need is to paste it into ChatGPT and let it do the work for you.

I followed ChatGPT’s example and developed some content highlighting the advantages of my online banking service. My sloppy typing was quickly detected by ChatGPT and fixed.

8) Make outreach emails to find opportunities for backlinks

Make outreach emails to find opportunities for backlinks

Ask ChatGPT to create your backlink outreach email so you can see what it’s actually capable of.

Here, I put ChatGPT to the test, and the outcomes are rather intriguing. I acknowledge that the prompt I provided it to write the email “as though I were anxious for traffic” was poor.

Naturally, no website wants to link to a struggling website, therefore ChatGPT went above and above what I asked for in its response, alerted me of the issue, and provided a fix.

Be aware that for marketing emails to be successful, you need to personalize them as much as possible. Yet in this instance, ChatGPT not only gave me a solid framework for that backlink outreach, but it also gave me some outreach guidance!

9) Produce Schema Markup

Produce Schema Markup

The language used by search engines to present data is called schema. A set of codes called schema markup enables search engines to comprehend the content that they are indexing on your website.

You can use a wide variety of markups for data, including:

  • FAQs
  • Pricing information for videos
  • Reviews and ratings

Why not let AI manage schema markup if few people are familiar with its workings?

Search for your goal keywords and check what results turn up in Google’s Answer Cards and People also ask sections to get good questions and answers for your own FAQ structure.

You’ll see the most frequently asked questions and the most popular Searches.

10 ) Create Regular Expressions (Regex) and Provide Reporting Assistance

Create Regular Expressions (Regex) and Provide Reporting Assistance

The computer language “regex” enables text searches with more sophisticated search features like partial matches, case-insensitive searches, and other advanced choices.

Because they enable programs like Google Analytics or Google Search Console to examine extremely precise sets of sites for your data gathering, regular expressions are a very valuable tool for reporting.

Let’s get back to ChatGPT, but if you’re interested in learning more about some of the functions of regex, I suggest looking at Google’s regular expression guide.

ChatGPT handles the labor-intensive work for me, saving me time from having to gather all the potential URLs and build it myself. This is extremely helpful when you want to combine dozens or even hundreds of pages into a single regex. For instance, you might integrate this with Google Analytics or Google Search Console to track how various content strands are doing over time or in comparison to one another.

FAQs on the Practical Ways to Utilize ChatGPT for SEO

1) Describe ChatGPT

An AI chatbot named ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. Developers trained it using the GPT-3 family of large language models from OpenAI to give it exceptional learning skills.

With ChatGPT, you can do a wide range of tasks, including essay writing, software debugging, music creation, story telling, and more.

2) Is ChatGPT a cost-free app?

The ChatGPT app is available in both a free and premium edition. The OpenAI chatbot is accessible through ChatGPT’s free version whenever it is online, although access is not guaranteed and there may occasionally be lengthy wait times.

In contrast, ChatGPT’s subscription edition grants you priority access during times of high platform traffic as well as access to

3) What does GPT in ChatGPT mean?

“Generative Pre-training Transformer” is what the “GPT” in ChatGPT stands for.

It’s generative in the sense that it’s a text-generating AI model. Pre-training alludes to the enormous database of information kept in its knowledge base. Transformer alludes to ChatGPT’s outside architecture.

4) Can ChatGPT make my marketing campaigns more efficient?

As mentioned, ChatGPT can revolutionize how your marketing initiatives are launched. It can be a terrific tool to generate ideas and develop content, but it can’t manage your marketing operations for you.


Utilizing ChatGPT for SEO is similar to hiring a second employee to collaborate on ideas. Also, that individual has immediate access to content from throughout the internet.

Here are some guidelines to help you become familiar utilizing ChatGPT SEO if you want to make the most of it for your AI SEO strategy:

ChatGPT has a role to perform in each stage of the SEO process:

Researching keywords: ChatGPT can produce a list of keywords for you to base your content on.

Content creativity and strategy – Enter those keywords into ChatGPT now, and it will suggest content subjects and creative ways to disseminate that content online for each one.

Writing and metadata generation – It uses your ideas to create several drafts of content that you may edit and use as title tags and meta descriptions for Google’s search results.

  • Editing – After writing and revising content, repeat it through ChatGPT to point up any grammatical mistakes.
  • Sharing – After you publish your article, ChatGPT can write emails for backlink outreach that will raise your website’s domain authority.

You’ll find more creative ways to utilize the platform as you become more accustomed to it.

Remember that ChatGPT should not be relied upon as the only source of information for SEO. As a new product, there are still a lot of expected bugs to iron out as it develops. In parallel, its skills will develop and open up more creative potential for us all in our work.

Some fear that AI will replace humans in the future, but as marketers, we should embrace it to improve our own production process now.


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