Best AI Copywriting Tools for Blogs in 2023

Are you searching for the best AI copywriting tools for blogs? We will share some of the options we tested out.

There is a significant amount of effort required when writing product descriptions, regular blog entries, or PPC advertisements, and the repetitive nature of the jobs might sap your creativity.

Not simply writing itself can be difficult. It entails developing ideas for topics, titles, and outlines. Tools for creating AI content can help with it.

Well, thanks to AI content creation technologies, it is now achievable. Let me explain how they work and how they might alter your perspective on content marketing.

How Does AI Copywriting Work and What Is It?

Artificial intelligence material is written by a machine utilizing methods of natural language processing. Before writing, choose your topic and the materials you’ll need. The AI blog writer or copywriting tool is then given guidelines to follow. These instructions would be entered into the tool. In certain cases, you can even instruct the tool by asking for a particular tone.

The machine, once given the instructions, develops material based on these characteristics by looking at similar previously published content from all over the web and transforming it into something new and original that is free of plagiarism.

Given that AI has cemented its position in the marketing sector, you can be sure that many businesses are utilizing it. According to the 2022 State of Marketing AI survey, most marketers think AI has the ability to change how they conduct business.

The paper also emphasizes how AI is used to create intelligent content. Top uses include:

  • Improving the webpages’ content for search engines
  • Generating content based on data
  • Forecasting content performance

Aside from textual content, most marketers concur that AI aids in the creation of client personas and the real-time recommendation of customized content.

So enough of the good things for the moment. Here are a few serious drawbacks.

However, the survey discovered that many marketers lack confidence in employing AI, and others believe they lack the expertise or training; this is a serious issue.

Seeing as how automatically generated copy may sound formulaic and make it harder to differentiate out from competition, knowing AI is essential.

But that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t use AI content generation, as I’ll show below.

Why Would You Want to Employ AI Copywriting Software?

These tools can be useful to copywriters and marketers for a variety of purposes.

The first benefit of using AI content authoring tools is time savings. These tools can evaluate data much more quickly than people can, so if you need chunks, outlines, or entire articles right now, they can do that.

Consider how practical AI copywriting is as well. Product descriptions and other bulk content are handled by AI copywriting on your behalf. Afterwards, you may focus on more challenging marketing tasks like lead creation and KPI tracking.

The dreadful “writer’s block” that every writer eventually experiences can be avoided with the use of AI content creation tools, to name just one last benefit. An AI blog writer tool can help you get back on track whether you need assistance with idea generation or content generation.

If you’re a deadline-driven content creator who wants to produce more material in the future, it’s worth looking into how AI copywriting could be able to help you.

Also, you can use an AI content writer to assist with tasks like coming up with meta titles and meta descriptions if you’re a general marketer who plays many different roles.

Limits of AI Copywriting

Like any other digital marketing tool, AI content production tools have their limitations.

First off, despite amazing AI advancements, AI copywriting tools don’t generate truly original material. Remember that we are talking about a machine. They are “fed” content and articles written by human copywriters, which they then mix to create something completely original. Although the information produced by AI tools is excellent, it is not necessarily original just because it is “fresh.”

Moreover, AI methods are unable to replicate human feeling. Why is that a disadvantage? In marketing, emotion is important. Feelings have a greater impact on consumer purchasing behavior than any other factor, so you should make an effort to evoke emotion in your material.

To sum up, while an AI content generator is great for mass chores, you might not find it helpful for writing those more emotive pieces that demand a personal touch and actual creative thought.

Our existing AI technologies also have trouble understanding “awkward” language. Hence, even though the writing (often) follows grammar rules, you should proofread the content to find any awkward wording and inappropriate words.

The lesson? Your marketing efforts can benefit from the creation of content by an AI blog writer tool or content generator, but they cannot completely replace human content creation. Think of them as a useful addition to your toolkit for content creation.

Best AI Copywriting Tools for Blogs


copy aiDo you experience writer’s block? is available to assist. With, you can create social media posts and move from being stuck to inspired in only a few minutes.

How does it function? It’s a fairly straightforward idea. GPT-3, a cutting-edge machine language model, is used by to create real-looking copy almost rapidly. Simply choose a copy type, provide some words, phrases, and descriptions to base the material on, and sit back and relax while it takes care of the rest.

Key Elements

The simplicity of usage is one of’s best features. You can quickly write text for things like Instagram captions, product descriptions, listicles, and thought leadership articles with just a few words.

But, the collection of idea-generation tools offered by is what sets it apart. So, gets you rolling again whether you need a blog post topic or are just stuck on how to create nurture sequences.


There are two choices: the free plan, which offers 2,000 words per month, or the Pro plan, which costs $36 (paid at $432 yearly) and offers 40,000 words each month. The Pro subscription also includes more than 90 copywriting tools, including discount/sales and nurturing sequences. You are allowed to create content in 25 different languages.

If you want to support a larger team, you can click the “Request a Demo” button on the website and ask for a demonstration.

Try out the free package or some of the free copywriting AI tools first if you’re not sure if is right for you and don’t want to commit to a membership, such as:

  • creating meta descriptions
  • call-to-action resources
  • the LinkedIn headline maker
  • Rewriting sentences
  • Ideas for TikTok videos
  • Generator of paragraphs

2) Wordtune

WordTuneAll of us have been there. When writing an article, we often think we’ve done a fantastic job before going back to review our work.

The issue? You’re aware that you could make some of your content better, but you’re stuck on how. While not everyone can afford an editor, many individuals can afford the Wordtune AI copywriting tool.

Wordtune collaborates with you in real-time to rewrite and rework your material without compromising its meaning, tone, or flow.

Because it’s not a fully-fledged article generator like CopyAI, it works best for marketers who want to generate copy but need help shaping it; this reduces editing time and strengthens sentence structure while still giving you the creative freedom to write your content.

Key Elements

Wordtune offers assistance with anything from sentence length to complete article rewrites, and it was created with the discriminating content writer in mind. This could be useful for marketers who want assistance editing and compressing their copy on various platforms.

Once the Chrome extension is added, one of the most effective AI copywriting and grammar-assistance tools available, you can immediately utilize it across well-known websites like Google Docs, Twitter, Grammarly, and LinkedIn.

Last but not least, Wordtune has debuted a brand-new function called “Spices.”(add a backlink to spices) It’s an auto-complete program that offers a variety of possibilities, including:

  • Definitions
  • Explanations
  • Examples
  • Counterarguments

Simply choose the option you choose, watch as the tool creates your material, and then accept or select a different generation.


If you need assistance rephrasing one or two sentences, a free plan offers 10 rewrites every day.

Sign up for Premium, though, to have access to features like sentence length controls, tone adaptation, and an article summarizer. You have two payment options: $9.99 per month or $119.88 annually. All features other than team billing will be available to you.

3) Copysmith

Copy smithDo you need assistance expanding your marketing and accelerating growth using copy? Examine Copysmith.

Copysmith provides you with the AI content writing tools you need to accelerate business growth through customized marketing, not just produce excellent copy, whether you’re a freelancer or in charge of an internal marketing team.

Key Elements

The outstanding tool selection offered by Copysmith is ideal for copywriters and busy marketing teams.

Whether you own an online business or sell on a website like Etsy or Amazon, for instance, Copysmith includes a wide range of tools designed solely for creating copy.

Perhaps you as a marketer require taglines to raise the profile of your brand. You can save all of your client material in one location, and Copysmith can transform your brand vision into compelling, memorable ad text.


There isn’t a free option, but there are three options available if you’re willing to pay for AI authoring assistance.

The starter package is available for $19 per month. You’ll receive 20 monthly plagiarism checks for free, Google Ad integrations, and Chrome extensions that let you use copywriting assistance directly from your browser.

With the beginning package, you can create 20,000 words every month for up to five users.

The Professional tier is the next level up, costing $600 annually (equal to $50 per month) or $59 for a subscription. You will receive everything in the Beginning package in addition to 100 checks for plagiarism and up to 80k words every month to spark your creativity.

Ten users are permitted in the professional tier, which is ideal for expanding teams.

The Start Up package, which also includes bulk import/export, custom templates, integrations, bulk import/export, and an account manager, allows unlimited content production and plagiarism checks.

Up to 20 people can be accommodated under the $299 monthly Start Up bundle. All subscription packages offer a free trial and unlimited in-app assistance. There are bespoke packages available.

4) Writesonic

writesonicSearching for an AI tool for copywriting that can scale as your company expands? Writesonic could have the solution.

Almost 300,000 customers, including freelancers and large corporations, utilize Writesonic as their go-to AI copywriting tool since it has been “trained” on effective copy from well-known companies.

It contains more than 100 functions, such as YouTube title generators, review responders, copywriting tools, and corporate biographies. It’s simple to use; after choosing a template and providing a few lines of description, Writesonic will provide you a variety of copy samples to choose from.

A new function named “Chatsonic” has also been added by Writesonic. You can obtain the following thanks to this function:

  • Quick answers (similar to ChatGPT, but powered by Google).
  • text to voice
  • Text as art (for easy image creation)

Key Elements

Marketers that want to automate their most time-consuming writing chores, such composing welcome emails and SEO meta descriptions, should check out Writesonic. Also, the charging system is quite adaptable, allowing you to grow your package to meet your changing business requirements.

Yet, one of the distinctive characteristics is the landing page generator. By entering just a few essential components, you can instantly design an optimized, engaging landing page.


There are three levels of pricing.

You receive 2,500 premium words as part of the free trial offer. Enterprises, organizations, and large firms can obtain more words by contacting customer support.

Bulk processing, an AI rewriter, and priority access to new features are among the more than 100 features included in its Long Form bundle. Cost for one user’s 190,000 monthly “economy” words starts at $12.67 per month.

A bespoke quantity of words and users, a dedicated account manager, training, and everything included in the Long Form deal are all included in the Custom Plan, which is available to teams and enterprises. Prices are available upon request.

Each package comes with browser extensions, a 1-click WordPress exporter, Zapier connectors, and more than 25 different languages.


Quillbot.aiA paraphrase program called aids users in their writing assignments. Write, paste, or upload your content and select “rephrase” to utilize the tool.

You can only use the standard mode for 125 words in the free version. But you have the following options if you upgrade to premium:

  • Cutting text short
  • Text expansion for more information
  • Fluency, which makes the material easier to read
  • Formal to set a more serious tone
  • Making text simple and understandable
  • Being inventive and reworking the text in a novel way
  • Key Elements

You also receive a grammar and plagiarism checker, as well as a text summarizer, in addition to the paraphrasing tool. The co-writer option offered by Quillbot, though, is what I find most intriguing.

This gives you access to research, grammar checking, autocomplete, and paraphrasing on one platform.

Also, you can add citations, provide sentence recommendations, and make notes as you go. The functionalities are presented in an easy-to-use format. In addition, there is a citation generator where you may enter a Link and select the citation format you like.


Free, Premium, and Team are the available subscription types. You receive 125 words as well as the standard and fluent paraphrasing modes for free. Also, the 2,500 word summarizer restriction, the average processing speed, and the restricted use of the synonym slider are all available to free users.

The limitless word count, all paraphrasing styles, 6,000 word limit for the summarizer, and maximum alterations with the synonym slider are all included in the premium package.

The limitless word count, all paraphrasing styles, 6,000 word limit for the summarizer, and maximum alterations with the synonym slider are all included in the premium package.

Other features include up to 20 pages of plagiarism tests, rapid processing, an unlimited number of freeze words, comparative modes, recommended rewrites, and tone insights. The starting price is $8.33 per month ($99.95 annually).

6) WordAI

WordAIWordAi is a cutting-edge tool that has been developed to assist users in swiftly and effectively creating content.

WordAi analyzes current papers using AI technology to extract all potential structures, then builds versions of those structures using its enormous database of synonyms while guaranteeing proper grammar usage. In order to produce accurate rewrites in any language, it also understands complicated sentence structure, context, and grammar.

To use it, simply enter your text and choose “rewrite”; you’ll have your material in a matter of seconds.

Key Elements

It is essentially a rewriting tool that aids with text enrichment, phrase restructuring, and distinct methods of expressing the same idea. But it also accomplishes a lot more things.

Options consist of:

  • Bulk downloads and rewrites
  • Integration of the AI content generation tool Article Forge
  • One article can be revised up to 1000 times.
  • Pricing

WordAi has three levels. There is an annual plan available for $27 per month. The monthly package costs $57 per month.

Last but not least, WordAi offers a tailored “business” plan, with costs available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) A.I. capable of blogging?

Absolutely, one of the key components of the majority of the products described here is an AI blog writer tool. But, you shouldn’t rely solely on AI to provide all of your content.

Even while this technology is great, it will take some time before it can entirely replace human bloggers. It lacks emotion, the material is frequently general, and you should double-check the veracity of metrics and other facts.

Don’t rely on AI to write your entire blog; use it to generate outlines and opening paragraphs.

2) What free AI authoring tools are available?

ChatGPT is the topic of universal discussion. One of the many capabilities of this application is an AI blog writer.

Then there is the collection of free tools from, which comes with 5000 free credits. Moreover, Simplify and Neuroflash provide free programs.

Finally, many of the market’s commercial tools provide free trials.

3) Can content writers be replaced by AI?

Some copywriters are afraid about that, but they shouldn’t worry too much. AI can’t inspire or captivate readers the way a skilled copywriter can since it lacks emotion and imagination.

4) Is AI copywriting a good investment?

Absolutely, using an AI blog writer tool is beneficial in terms of time savings and content creation. Copywriters and bloggers can save a lot of time by using it to generate ideas, outline, and opening paragraphs.

Yet you should still personalize the writing. Edit to reflect your style and tone, add supporting quotes, and edit with statistics. Last but not least, verify all statistics, facts, and poll results.


The use of AI copywriting tools may scale your content generation and help you meet your business objectives, whether you’re a busy copywriter or a digital marketer. The best part about them is that they produce organic, compelling writing to suit your content needs while being simple to learn and enjoyable to use.

Since each AI copywriting tool differs somewhat from the others, it is advised to try out a few free trials first before making a purchase. You may then determine which tools support your business strategy the best and how they function.


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